Building Services Consultants


Williams Holloway Associates is a professional Building Services Consultancy with experience, enthusiasm and a willingness to participate closely from concept to post-completion of all projects.

With the industry constantly changing, we aim to provide an up-to-date approach which addresses project practicality and sustainability.

We believe that preparation is vital within our industry which is why we encourage early engagement with our clients. Our dedication and commitment is consistent from the beginning of your project to post-completion; we make sure we understand every detail so we can tailor our services for you and achieve the best results. We have a wide range of experience within this sector, so our skills can be adapted to a variety of requirements.

Our Mechanical and Electrical engineers utilise a range of technologies and design skills, so each design and installation is tailored to your requirements, as well as complying with current standards. We also provide Surveys and SAP and Part L services.

If you have a project opportunity on the horizon and need some expert assistance, get in contact with us today.


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