Building Services Design

Building Services Design is our principal activity and we strive to employ an open-minded approach which considers both the architecture and the environment.

We, in the Building Services Industry, like to think it is the services that bring a building to life.

To a certain extent, no matter how good the building design, if you don’t have any heating, ventilation, lighting, plumbing, power supplies, safety and security systems, and so on, the building would be a cold, dark and an inhospitable place.

Clearly that’s not a reality these days, but how the building services are designed and integrated into the building will have a significant impact on the success of a project and the building’s performance for years to come.

At Williams Holloway, we work with clients and all members of the design team to help turn aspirations into reality.

We believe that energy efficient concepts are not only beneficial to the environment, but to you as well. Sustainable designs are essential and, by providing innovative designs, we can achieve an all-rounded result that is both environmentally friendly and fits your needs.

Our Building Services Engineers are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions to your development. We will work closely with you throughout all stages of your project in order to gain full understanding of your design requirements. With our extensive expertise, we are able to advise you on the best approach to successfully reach your goals.

By using a range of technologies and sustainable design techniques, we are able to consistently offer innovative strategies across many sectors.

We are dedicated and committed to meeting all of your specific requests and exceed your expectations by delivering strong, technical solutions.

If you are interested in our consultancy or design services, talk to one of our experts today – contact us here.